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The District of Tumbler Ridge is located in the heart of northeast BC, close to the Alberta border. The community is situated on a plateau above the confluence of three major waterways; the Murray River, Wolverine River and Flatbed Creek.

The area around Tumbler Ridge began to gain fame in the late 1930s. Alex Monkman discovered a pass through the Rocky Mountains in what is now Monkman Park. Monkman Pass, which is no longer in operation today, was the lowest pass through the Canadian Rockies, and Monkman and his supporters lobbied the government to build a road through the pass, so that farmers in northeast BC could get their grain to market easier.

By the late 1970s, a number of coal deposits had been identified in the Tumbler Ridge area. These deposits were lucrative, but remote, and a number of studies were commissioned to check out the viability of developing the Northeast Coal Fields. In 1981, an agreement was reached that allowed the Northeast Coal Development to proceed, and in the space of three years, the town, infrastructure, and two mines were built from scratch. A paved road was built into the area, as well as a transmission line and a rail line, which had to plow through two mountain ranges.

With the arrival of the new millennium, Tumbler Ridge experienced a great deal of social and economic upheaval, as a number of mining operations in the region halted. At that time the District undertook an international marketing campaign focusing on affordable housing and superior lifestyle within a magnificent natural setting. People from around the world answered the call and today still call Tumbler Ridge home. Shortly after, the community saw the return of coal mining with the opening of Western Coal's Wolverine Mine in 2005, followed by Peace River Coal's Trend mine. These projects, combined with a new population base and the community's efforts towards diversification, have resulted in the greatest level of private investment in the community since its construction.

The well-developed infrastructure of Tumbler Ridge can be attributed to the planned development approach employed by the District. This has resulted in a community that is safe, aesthetically pleasing, economically efficient and encourages social interaction. More importantly, the town is poised for growth with substantial economic investment occurring in the region. To accommodate such growth, the town has developed living infrastructure to house a population of 10,000 people. All currently developed commercial lots are fully serviced and municipal subdivisions are also completely developed with all amenities. Heavy industry is in the process of receiving substantial upgrades to provide full service as the town expands.

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Jordan Wall
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District of Tumbler Ridge

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