Fort St. John Hospital and Peace Villa

The Fort St. John Hospital and Peace Villa Residential Care project is a newly upgraded centre that will use a patient-centred approach to meet the health needs of the community. Peace Villa Residential Care provides 124 beds for seniors care.

About This Project

The new Fort St. John Hospital and Peace Villa is the first full hospital replacement of its size in northern BC. Adjacent to the hospital is a new 7,500 square metre Residential Care Building consisting of 123 beds.

The Fort St. John Hospital and Residential Care project has been constructed on a 40-acre parcel of land donated by the City of Fort St. John. It provides area residents with state-of-the-art acute care facilities and much needed residential care capacity for local residents. Enhanced services include an expanded emergency room and ambulatory care department all in one location, larger operating rooms, an endoscopy suite within the surgical department, a Birthing Centre and academic space for the University of Northern British Columbia’s Northern Medical Program. The new facilities will take a holistic, patient-centered approach to care.

The project is a public private partnership (PPP) between Northern Health and private partner, ISL Health who designed, built, financed and will provide facility maintenance for a fixed term of 30 years. ISL Health will be responsible for building maintenance, life cycle repair and renewal, and project financing during the fixed term. All clinical services will continue to be provided by the Provincial Government through Northern Health. Total capital cost of the facility is $297.9 million. Construction began in June 2009 and the new hospital officially opened in June, 2012.

The Peace Villa residential care facility consists of two housing units which together represent approximately 7,500 square metres of new space for 124 residential care beds, with palliative and special care units. The buildings will each have easy access to outdoor courtyards and patios, with shared living and dining space. The residential care facility is connected to the acute care hospital through an indoor hallway for convenient access by residents, hospital staff and visitors.

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