Garrison Landing Housing Development

The Garrison Landing Development will provide single-family and multi-family residential units to the growing population of Fort St. John.

About This Project

The Garrison Landing Housing Development will take advantage of underused land in the City of Fort St. John and provide attractive high-quality homes for new residents while revitalizing neighbourhoods and the downtown core of the city.

The Garrison Landing Housing Development is coming at an opportune time. Fort St. John has one of the fastest growing populations and fastest growing real estate markets in the province. The continued growth of the city is largely attributed to the availability of jobs and the municipality’s focus on developing a family-friendly community. With a viable source of shale based natural gas, the economy is growing rapidly. According to the most recent forecast, by 2046, Fort St. John’s population is expected to triple.

With this growth comes the need for new housing developments that are in line with the goals of the community. Well-planned and attractively designed neighbourhoods with special consideration paid to a wide range of livability aspects including access to quality greenspace and walking trails as well as adequate room for parking large vehicles and snow removal are desired.

The design for Garrison Landing includes greenspace, pedestrian-friendly streets and winter city design features. A range of housing options are provided including single-family, multi-family, and multiple housing high density.

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